Research Data Management

Guideline on Research Data Management

Kiel University’s Recommendations on Handling Research Data

University Board Resolution of 14 July 2015

This is an English courtesy translation of the original German text.

Research data are the basis and result of scientific work and are therefore of particular significance. It is important to handle research data responsibly to ensure that scientific work is traceable, verifiable and reusable. Handling research data is subject to constant change due to advances in research. Kiel University continuously assists with this ongoing process by implementing appropriate measures. Accordingly, appropriate subject-specific handling of research data at Kiel University should follow these principles:

  1. Research data are all data created in the process of research work through observation, collection, experiments, simulation, and further processing for the purpose of producing and validating research results. Research data management, therefore, covers all areas of data administration: data acquisition, data preservation, data security and data integrity, as well as the release and publication of data.

  2. Research data management is performed in accordance with current professional standards while respecting the DFG (German Research Foundation) proposals for safeguarding good scientific practice and is documented in a data management plan. The responsibility for research data management lies with the head of the particular research activity.

  3. Research data is made accessible to the public in national or international subject-specific archives under appropriate licensing; if no such archives exist, central university services are used. The scientific and legal interests of the researchers, the protection of the personal details of participants, patients and other individuals affected by the collected data, as well as other obligations to third parties – for example, cooperation partners – as well as ethical, legal and economic restrictions must be observed.

Kiel University assists researchers through its central infrastructure facilities with offers for acquisition and preservation of research data, formulating and maintaining standards for handling research data, as well as appropriate training and advisory service offers created in cooperation with the specialist disciplines. Kiel University recommends and assists with anchoring the significance of subject-specific, structured research data management in teaching by the particular subject areas.